T.Y. Hilton Apologizes for Offensive Line Comments


T.Y. Hilton had some strong comments for the Colts’ offensive line after their embarrassing loss to the Jaguars on Sunday, but he apologized on Monday morning for calling out his teammates.

“It’s the offensive line. They need to block,” said Pro Bowl wide receiver T.Y. Hilton in response to a question from WISH-TV’s Charlie Clifford. “We need to take some pride up front and block. What if we put them back there to take those hits? We need to start up front. Once the O-Line is back in rhythm we’ll be fine.”

Hilton was a bit heated after getting shutout by the division-rival Jaguars on a day where Jacoby Brissett was sacked 10 times.

T.Y. had some time to contemplate his comments, and has apologized both publicly and privately.

“I’d like to apologize to the O-line …. I stabbed them in the back, and I was wrong,” Hilton said according to the Indianapolis Star’s Gregg Doyle. Doyle also mentioned that Hilton planned to speak to each of the members of the much-maligned offensive line and apologize.

Doyle also recorded offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo’s response to Hilton’s comments:

"“Do we like the comments? No. But we realize this is the time to band together … not separate. We’re offensive linemen, we’re used to everything coming down on us.”"

It’s hard to blame Hilton too much for speaking his mind after such a frustrating performance on offense, and the rest of the team didn’t fare much better.

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There was plenty of blame to go around on Sunday. From what we could see on the broadcast, the receivers were having trouble getting open, Jacoby Brissett held on to the ball a bit too long, and the offensive line did play a huge part in giving up 10 sacks.

The defense also played horribly, and the coaches didn’t seem totally prepared.

Hopefully for Colts fans, this can be the type of loss that galvanizes a team, but time will tell how the locker room responds to this whole fiasco.