Opponent Scouting Report: Seahawks Offensive Line

SEATTLE, WA. - DECEMBER 23: Center Max Unger
SEATTLE, WA. - DECEMBER 23: Center Max Unger /

Offensive lines are one of the toughest units to evaluate due to the lack of available metrics, but it has become apparent that the Seahawks’ offensive line is a major liability this year.

So far this season, Seattle’s O-Line has exposed Russell Wilson to a fair amount of pressure. He has had an impressive history of remaining healthy, but the increased pressure could put him at risk of missing time at some point this season.

This year’s stats  reflect the struggles that can be seen on TV every week. From missing blocks, to creating unintended openings, the proof is in the stats.

While they are in the middle of the pack in sacks allowed (7), they have demonstrated a tendency to allow pass rushers get to Wilson. While not allowing a large number of sacks, Wilson has still gotten hit a large number of times. In fact, the unit has allowed 27 hits on the quarterback; tied for most in the NFL.

One of the more under-appreciated benefits of a good offensive line is the ability to score rushing touchdowns when the team finds themselves in the red zone. The Seahawks however, have not enjoyed that luxury this season.

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The top teams in this category have mustered 5 rushing touchdowns, while Seattle has scored 0.

Seattle has tried to fix this issue, but they’ve been unsuccessful thus far. According to CBS Seattle, the Seahawks have started 21 offensive linemen since they won the Super Bowl three years ago. As a result, their current unit has the least experience of any offensive line in the NFL. The unit has started a combined 130 games in their careers, while the most experienced units have logged over 400 starts.

The Colts’ defensive line could all have career days against this unit when they meet on Sunday night.