T.Y. Hilton on Losing to Browns: “Can’t Happen”


The Colts head into this week’s game against the Browns with an 0-2 record, but wide receiver T.Y. Hilton is motivated to pick up their first win of the season.

The Colts 2017 season is in serious trouble opening the year with losses against the Rams and Cardinals.

Since 2007, only 10.8% of 0-2 teams have gone on to make the playoffs. The Colts have started the season 0-2 four times since 2007, and have only made the playoffs in one of those years. However, that 2014 season ended with an appearance in the AFC Championship Game.

This is the fourth consecutive season the Colts have lost their first two games, and they face a fellow 0-2 team on Sunday as the Browns travel to Lucas Oil Stadium.

Wide receiver T.Y. Hilton hasn’t begun a season 0-3 during his NFL career, and he’s determined not to let it happen this season.

"“Can’t go down 0-3,’’ said Hilton this week. “I don’t think we’ve been down 0-3 since I’ve been here. So it can’t happen, won’t happen.’’"

Hilton‘s fellow teammates echo his sentiments knowing that starting a year 0-3 is nearly an impossible hill to climb.

"“I’m speaking for myself, but I feel like it’s a must-win. I know September’s early, but for me, I feel like it’s a must-win for us,” said veteran safety Darius Butler. “We really just got to find a way to win. We’ve just got to find a way to finish games.’’"

The last time the Colts began a season 0-3 was the disastrous 2011 season in which Peyton Manning missed the entire year after neck surgery.  That season did provide a happy ending as the Colts ended up selecting Andrew Luck with the number one overall pick.

The Colts are again without their franchise quarterback, much like 2011, and it’s possible that Luck will miss the entire season like Manning did.

However, the Browns’ fanbase is equally unhappy with their 0-2 start, and they’ve had to endure losses in 20 of their last 21 games.

This is the NFL’s only matchup of 0-2 teams this week, so desperation will be at an all-time high in Indianapolis on Sunday.