Andrew Luck’s Agent: “No Truth” to Rumors Luck Wants to Leave


ESPN’s Mike Greenberg said that there have been rumblings that Andrew Luck wants to leave Indianapolis, but Luck’s agent shot down those rumors on local radio.

The last two years have been extremely rough for Andrew Luck and the entire Colts organization. Luck has ended the last two seasons with serious injuries, and the Colts have gone 8-8 in both of those years.

Mike Greenberg of ESPN’s Mike & Mike suggested that he’s heard that Andrew Luck has wanted to leave the Colts, but Luck’s agent Will Wilson appeared on Bob Kravitz’s show on WTHR-TV to address those rumors.

"“Quite simply and succinctly, there’s no truth to that comment at all,” Wilson told Kravitz. “Andrew did a long-term deal and he did it for a reason: He wants to be with the Colts and he’s committed to the Colts. It’s as simple as that. He looks forward to the opportunity to play when he’s ready, obviously. He’s just going through rehab; it’s the process he’s going through.”"

Wilson also provided a statement in ESPN in an attempt to discredit the rumors.

"“Any rumor/speculation about Andrew being disgruntled with the Colts or wanting a trade is simply not true.”"

The Colts made Andrew Luck the NFL’s highest-paid player when he signed a 5-year $123 million contract extension with Indianapolis in June 2016. The contract runs through 2021, so he would have to be traded if he wants to leave Indy before he’s an unrestricted free agent in 2022.

It’s understandable that Luck could be upset with the organization as they’ve failed to provide him with much of a supporting cast during his career, and they’ve also had some ineptitude in the front office and coaching staff during his time with the Colts.

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However, Andrew Luck doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would make trade demands in the first year of a 5-year contract. Also, Mike Greenberg has been a major voice in sports media for a long time, but he’s not necessarily known as a journalist.

While Mike Greenberg’s reported rumblings may prove to be true, I’d like to hear it from Ian Rapoport or Adam Schefter before Colts fans start freaking out about their franchise quarterback wanting out.