Indianapolis Colts pursued Jon Gruden, but he won’t be the next coach


News has swirled for weeks now that the Indianapolis Colts were in hot pursuit of ESPN Monday Night Football color commentator Jon Gruden as their next head coach. Now we have confirmation of the rumors and a report that he won’t be the Colts next head coach.

Adam Schefter has spoken, and it isn’t good news for Colts fans. After weeks of speculation, Colts owner Jim Irsay has apparently struck out with his attempts to sign Jon Gruden on as the team’s next head coach.

This just confirms what has been speculated on for a few weeks from basically the highest source in NFL news. The Colts have been awfully quiet over the past few weeks, refusing to offer a comment on whether or not coach Chuck Pagano would indeed be running the team next season.

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What we learned was that yes, Irsay has been following Gruden around in an effort to bring him to Indianapolis. Gruden, who makes a reported $6.5 million from ESPN, has decided he likes his cushy job with zero pressure that only requires him to work about 16 nights a year and watch a little film with QB prospects every spring.

Irsay would have had to match the $6.5 million, which is about $2 million more than what current  Pagnao makes. It is less clear why Gruden denied talking with Irsay. Maybe Irsay only talked with his agent, but it is fairly clear there was some level of conversation recently.

This attempt, along with rumors of bringing back Peyton Manning, make it clear that Irsay knows he won’t win a championship with Pagano and GM Ryan Grigson. Something fans have known for years now.

There might be more news down the road, but for now this ends speculation about Gruden and the Colts.

It now looks like the Colts will head into 2017 with the Grigson Pagano (or Grigano) combination. That means another year in the wrong direction for this once great franchise. Expect another 8-8 season and hope for Irsay to finally pull the trigger on firing them both after 2017.