Dear Peyton Manning, thank you


Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay are set to hold a joint press conference today to honor his career and time in Indianapolis.

Dear Peyton,

I was just a small kid living in San Francisco mainly playing Madden on PlayStation One. My family was full of 49ers fans and the neighborhood was 49ers and Raiders. It was pretty clear which teams fanbase was strong where I grew up. Then came me, someone who saw beyond what was in plain sight. I watched as a team from Indianapolis just began to bring this new brand of football to life.

At the forefront of that was a quarterback wearing the number 18. I’d never seen anything like it, he was in such command of everything and knew what the defense was doing before they even got set. From that point on I knew where who I was gonna be a fan of.

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From that point on I was a Indianapolis Colts fan and couldn’t be prouder to have number 18 as my quarterback. I was fortunate enough to watch history unfold in front of my eyes. Peyton Manning not only revolutionized the quarterback position but changed the way football was played. Manning for years shattered record after record. Seven MVP trophies and a Super Bowl in Indy. Peyton delivered jaw dropping performances week after week and made it look easy. I’m very appreciative to have been able to root for Peyton Manning for many years, it was truly a pure privilege to have number 18 in a Colts uniform.

I think I speak for all of Coltsnation and all of football when I say we truly will miss you Peyton. So as we move forward to enjoy our future NFL seasons. Let’s remember that the brand of football we watch on Sundays now was originated by Peyton Manning. Peyton was the best to ever spin it out there and I can’t say enough good things about him.

So in conclusion Peyton congratulations on a great career. Thank you for the super bowl I was blessed to be able to see in Indy. Congrats on the second title in Denver. No doubt you will be in Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Not many things in life are for sure but Peyton as a first ballot Hall of Fame definitely is.

Thank you again Peyton for all the great moments and I wish you further success in your future endeavors. Thank you again Peyton and last but not least “OMAHA”.