Colts at Jaguars: After Further Review


The Colts AFC South win streak came to a halt on Sunday, as they were destroyed by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

You may be thinking that “destroyed” was a poor choice of words, but that’s what it was. The Colts got absolutely annihilated by a below average football team. That’s not to say the Jaguars are worse than the Colts, because both teams are relatively below average.

This has to be stinging loss for the Colts, who are now 6-7 and are fighting to stay atop the division. This game was a tell tale sign of the weaknesses of this team. It was semi-permissible against a decent Steelers team last week, but against the Jags? That’s an unacceptable performance, regardless of injuries.

Let’s head into my weekly vent session, shall we?

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Takeaway number 1: What on Earth is wrong with the Colts offense?

The Colts offense sucks. As infantile as that sounds, it’s the uncut truth. The Colts offense looks confused, Matt Hasselbeck doesn’t have a good enough grasp on the offense to be successful. On Sunday it was combination of two things that led to the pass game being unsuccessful. One was Hasselbeck missing some reads, and the other was the receivers not getting open.

I don’t care what anyone says, Jacksonville has an average to below average defense. The Colts were unable to capitalize on anything on Sunday. The only offensive plays that worked were the deep balls to T.Y. Hilton, but the Colts didn’t do that consistently enough.

They cannot score a touchdown in the red zone, and they cannot convert on third down. At some point the player’s can only be so responsible. Some of it has to be chalked to play calling. You find me a 2nd and 10 play where the Colts didn’t run it up the middle into the waiting arms of the Jaguars d-line. They did it EVERY SINGLE TIME!

This offense is a complete mess, and I don’t know if Andrew Luck’s return can completely alleviate it. Speaking of Luck…

Takeaway number 2: Andrew Luck needs to come back

The Colts NEED Andrew Luck to come back. I don’t want to advocate for rushing him back from injury, but they need him for this upcoming Houston game. At this point it cannot get much worse for the Colts, and they need Luck back for the Playoff push.

Let me just say this, if Hasselbeck (or dare I say Charlie Whitehurst) plays one more game, I may lose my cool. Watching this Colts team is almost unbearable at this point. Hasselbeck doesn’t know the offense, and Whitehurst would be better off  in a Head and Shoulders commercial or something like that.

Takeaway number 3: The Colts are really playing with fire

I said the Colts needed to win out in their divisional games if they wanted to make the Playoffs. With Houston’s loss to New England on Sunday night, it gives the Colts a little leeway in their final three games.

However, this week’s game against Houston is a must win. There’s no two ways about it, the Colts have to win this game, otherwise they will not make the Playoffs. That is why I’m making such a big deal about Andrew Luck returning this week. The Colts need this game, very badly.

As I watched the Colts become unglued against the Jaguars on Sunday, it really showed me how this team is really playing risky in terms of their Playoff status. They needed to win this game against Jacksonville, and now they are in a must win situation against Houston.

The Colts are not worthy of a Playoff spot with their play this season. However, they are lucky they are in a division with equally undeserving teams. It’s just a matter of who will get timely wins, and the Colts need one this coming Sunday.

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Colts fans, just try to forget yesterday’s game, there are bigger fish to fry this coming Sunday. I leave you with this, in 2006, the Colts lost to the Jaguars 44-17 in Week 14. That 2006 Colts team, went on to win the Super Bowl. That is all.