Colts at Steelers: Q&A with Still Curtain


The Indianapolis Colts face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football and we spoke with Still Curtain to get some inside info on this week’s opponent.

The Colts (6-5) are hoping to avenge last year’s lopsided loss against the Steelers (6-5) on Sunday Night Football.

We spoke with the editor of Still Curtain, Kim Myers, to get some inside information on this week’s opponent. And make sure to check out our answers to their questions here.

Here’s what Myers had to say about the Steelers:

1. What are the expectations for the season from Steelers fans? They’re just outside the playoffs right now, what do you believe the ceiling is for this team?

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The playoff picture looked a lot better before the loss to Seattle so Steelers fans are uneasy right now. We’re a tough bunch to please overall so anything short of a victory parade downtown is considered a failure by many fans, unfortunately. It will likely take at least a 4-1 finish to make the playoffs and that won’t be an easy task playing three division-leading teams and having three of those games on the road.

In the long run I feel better about this team than I have in a while. It feels like they’re just a few pieces short of being able to strike while the offense is hot, so to speak. Ben Roethlisberger might show some decline at some point so if they can get it together on defense with the secondary they could be a force in the AFC next season. I feel like this team could easily be one of the top 2 teams in the AFC if everyone was healthy and the secondary wasn’t quite so porous.

2. Is Ben Roethlisberger actually human? He seems to have an unreal healing ability and doesn’t show any signs of injury. Do the fans believe he’ll make it through this season?

He is actually human after all. I honestly thought we were being pranked when he came into the Cleveland game after being carted off the week before. If he gets protection he’ll make it through the season for sure. The trouble is with starting left tackle Kelvin Beachum out they’ve turned to Alejandro Villanueva, who has a hell of a story being an Army vet and all but he’s let the majority of the hits on Roethlisberger through. If Roethlisberger is protected he’ll be fine.

3. Who needs to step up for the Steelers to win on Sunday Night? Is there a difference maker on each side of the ball you expect to have a big game?

I don’t have any doubts in the Steelers offense but I would like to see DeAngelo Williams a lot more. The defensive line needs to step up as well. They need to take advantage of the Colts offensive line blitz the hell out of Hasselbeck. I don’t know what to expect out of the secondary but I do know that if the pass rush is successful the secondary’s weaknesses won’t be so exposed. Whoever is playing corner cannot let T.Y. Hilton or Donte Moncrief get behind them or they’ll give up the same kind of plays they gave to Seattle last week.

4. Aside from taking Roethlisberger out of the game, is there any way to stop Antonio Brown? His numbers are down from last year and he could still lead the league in receiving. Think there is any chance the Colts will contain him?

Richard Sherman showed the best way to stop Brown is to hold him and not get called for DPI’s. Still Brown caught six passes for 53 yards last week so he wasn’t entirely invisible. The only thing teams can do is double team Brown but that leads to guys like Martavis Bryant or Markus Wheaton having big games so it’s pick your poison.

5. What is your prediction for Sunday? Who wins and why?

I think the Steelers rebound from last week’s loss and I look for Brown to be hungry for a huge game. I don’t see another 500+ yards and six touchdown game necessarily but I think the Steelers will take it, 32-14.