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Andrew Luck Reportedly Has Been Playing With Fractured Ribs


According to Fox Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been playing with fractured ribs in addition to his shoulder injury:

Of course, this would further explain Luck’s poor play this season. The 4th-year quarterback has clearly regressed this season throwing 11 touchdowns to 9 interceptions and a mediocre passer rating of 76.2.

There was a CBS camera shot during Week 3 of the regular season against the Tennessee Titans where Luck was clearly in pain after backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck gave him a chest pat right near his ribs (which now makes a whole lot of sense):

Still, even with the shoulder and rib injuries, Luck has also been suffering from poor decision-making all together. He’s frequently stared down receivers and hasn’t been progressing through his reads. With the offense sputtering, Luck has simply tried to do too much at times, and it’s resulted in turnovers that have significantly hurt the team.

That being said, hopefully this is a wake-up call to the higher ups in the organization that the offensive line has to be significantly addressed this offseason. There can be no more patchwork upgrades anymore, as it’s time to overhaul the unit as a whole.

The Colts have to protect their franchise player in Luck first and foremost, as the team is only going to go as far as #12 realistically takes them. Right now, injuries from being hit entirely too much behind a bad offensive line have hampered Luck’s effectiveness. That simply can’t be a trend anymore going forward.

Luck’s health is of the utmost importance, as he’s too valuable to the team.

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