Cut the Kraft: Patriots Owner Takes Another Shot at Colts


While the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts have already played their highly anticipated matchup this season, the fireworks are far from over.

During Thursday night football against the Miami Dolphins, Patriots owner Bob Kraft took the liberty at a halftime ceremony honoring former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest–who was inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame, to take yet another shot at their heated rival:

"“I have one more thing to add: There’s nothing more satisfying than saddling the Indianapolis Colts with a loss,” Kraft said over Gillete Stadium’s PA system via the USA Today’s Lorenzo Reyes. “And Willie McGinest was able to do that 16 times as a member of the New England Patriots.”"

Of course, the name “Willie McGinest” will always be a sore subject for Colts fans in the rivalry’s folklore.

In November of 2003, the former Patriots stalwart outside linebacker infamously faked an injury to slow down Peyton Manning‘s surging no huddle offense, only to then rather miraculously stop running back Edgerrin James on a game-winning 4th and 2 tackle near the goal line shortly thereafter. McGinest must be “a quick healer” because he then presumed to sprint nearly the length of the RCA Dome’s turf in celebration.

In fact, Colts owner Jim Irsay recently alluded at the New England Patriots– and presumably McGinest faking injuries in the past in an interview with WTHR’s Bob Kravitz:

"“I remember in Peyton’s day, there was an unnamed team (the Patriots), we were running the no huddle and the team we were playing was faking injuries to slow us down,” said Irsay in an October interview. “And we were complaining to the league about that. But honestly, the rest of it, it’s not even in the back of our mind.”"

That being said, Irsay maintained that he has a high level of respect for Kraft:

"“Look, (Patriots owner) Bob Kraft is a great friend, a great partner and a great owner,” Irsay added."

Even if the latter apparently doesn’t care very much for Irsay’s team these days or ever…

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