MMQB: Chuck Pagano Needs At Least 2 Playoff Wins to Remain Colts Coach


According to Monday Morning Quarterback’s Peter King, Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano will need to earn at least two playoff victories to remain as the team’s head coach past this season:

"“They’re only 20-19 outside of teams outside the very weak AFC South, and if you’re owner Jim Irsay, you’re probably thinking, ‘Listen, I just don’t think this guy is the long-term answer to be our head coach’,” said King. “I think the Colts will go and win the AFC South, but I believe they’re going to need at least two victories in the postseason for Irsay to say, ‘We need to hang onto Chuck Pagano’.”“And if Chuck Pagano either loses his first game or doesn’t make the playoffs, I don’t know that he’s going to get (another) head coaching job in the NFL,” added King. “I think he probably will, but I don’t know if it’s a sure thing. So, I think that’s going to be a very interesting plot twist to watch for the next 10 weeks for the Indianapolis Colts.”“Does Chuck Pagano win enough to stay in 2016 in Indiana?”"

Of course, it’s no secret that the Colts have significantly benefitted from playing in the lowly AFC South over the past few seasons, while not experiencing much overall success outside of it against superior competition.

That being said, Pagano did just coach this team to an AFC Championship game appearance, and his teams have steadily improved each season under his tutelage. However, as a whole, Pagano’s coaching record speaks for itself, as his teams have routinely struggled against the NFL’s better teams.

To be the best, you have to beat the best.

Including this year, his teams have gone 0-4 against the Patriots over the past 3 seasons. Not only have the Colts been outplayed, but they’ve also been outcoached. While Bill Belichick is arguably the best head coach in football and tends to do that to most opposing head coaches, the Colts and owner Jim Irsay are looking to win multiple NFL championships with Andrew Luck, not just in the AFC South.

With high profile coaching names like Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh, David Shaw, and even Sean Payton having already been thrown around as his potential replacement, it’s clear that Pagano is firmly on the hot seat in what could very well be a “make or break” season for him to remain as Colts head coach.

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