After Further Review: Colts at Titans


The Colts were able to scratch and claw back into Sunday’s game versus the Titans. With the ugly win, the Colts were able to get in the win column at 1-2. Andrew Luck and the offense were able to comeback in the fourth quarter after three quarters of mediocre play once again. Along with that, the defense struggled throughout the entire after playing well the first two weeks. Although they did win and that will make Colts fans happy, there were more negatives than positives yet again.

Takeaway number 1: The Colts got pretty lucky 

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Besides the fourth quarter, the Titans completely out played the Colts the entire game, on both ends of the field. Marcus Mariota, played very well besides turning the ball over twice, and I think Mariota showed that he’ll be a quarterback that will cause the Colts problems as the years go by. His 367 yards passing is the most he’s thrown for in his very young NFL career.

On the defensive end it was clear that the Colts were rather inferior, even to an average Titans offense. The Colts gave up 433 total yards, and their secondary looked ragged the whole game. The Titans receivers were getting whatever they wanted in the middle of the field and on screen plays. Tennessee also controlled the time of possession as they had the ball for almost 35 minutes. All in all it showed that the Colts secondary was hurt and even Vontae Davis, who is their star cornerback really struggled all day on Kendall Wright.

The offense looked lost through the first three quarters as Luck looked rather lost, throwing two interceptions yet again today. However, he was able to lead the comeback with the help of some great catches by Phillip Dorsett and Donte Moncrief. The one bright spot on the offense was the play of Frank Gore, who was able to get the legs churning early and showed that he has a ton left to offer on the ground. The big star of the game, however was Dwight Lowery who with his two interceptions really paced the Colts in the fourth quarter, and allowed them to get back into it.

Takeaway number 2: Ryan Grigson needs to be shown the door

I mean, isn’t it obvious by now that GM Ryan Grigson needs to go? At this point in the season it seems as though the team he constructed for 2015 is in complete disarray. Yes, they won today, but look at the glaring weaknesses they showed throughout the game. Their offensive line cannot protect Luck at all, and yes some of it can be put on Luck because he hasn’t played especially well. However, it’s obvious to see that this line is below average at best and when a franchise quarterback like Luck is under center, a point should be made to put adequate linemen in front of him.

One of his big offseason signings in Andre Johnson has been a complete ghost the first three weeks and has shown absolutely no promise. He hasn’t been targeted by Luck a whole lot because it seems like he doesn’t care. Why would you bring on a player that doesn’t care about playing?

The construction of this team by Grigson is nothing short of awful in my opinion, he’s failed to put adequate players around a once in a generation quarterback. Also for those who say Chuck Pagano should go as well, I don’t think we’re quite at that point yet. Pagano is safe, for now.

Takeaway number 3: A win’s a win

Despite all of the negatives the Colts had, they did win, and unfortunately I have to use the most overused phrase in football, “A win’s a win”. They played well enough in the fourth quarter to win the game, but the Colts still have a ton of things to work on before next weeks game against Jacksonville. They can’t only show up in the fourth quarter, because once they get into the tough part of their schedule, they’ll get blown out of the water.

Right now it’s just nice to taste victory for the first time in 2015.