Colts Suffering From Self-Inflicted Wounds


The 2015 regular season has gotten off to a rough start. The team has had trouble taking care of the ball. The self-inflicted wounds have really hurt the Colts. Turnovers have been an issue. They have to take care of the ball or else the loss column will continue to increase.

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It seems like every time the Colts have gotten a big play, it has been called back due to penalty. Last season the Colts were a very disciplined team. This year it’s been a different story.

Turnovers are probably the main reason the Colts are winless so far. Quarterback Andrew Luck has five interceptions to 3 touchdowns. In addition to that he has a lost fumble. These were points of emphases during the off season.

Luck shoulders a lot of the blame but this team needs to take care of the ball. The defense has played pretty well so far with standout rookie Henry Anderson living in opponent’s backfield. They need help though, turnovers have made them play on short fields. The self-inflicted wounds must be eliminated starting this week at Tennessee.

I fully expect the Colts to bounce back this week. I think we see the offense break out and put some good things together. I also expect to see a lot more of Frank Gore. Gore has had some really good runs and most have been called back due to penalty. Look for Gore to have a good week. The other position to look out for is tight end. Against Tennessee I can definitely see Coby Fleener having a big game.

Look, this Colts team hasn’t had any problems moving the ball. Other teams have blitzed like crazy but the Colts haven’t really made them pay for it yet. When they have it’s usually a penalty negating the play. The Colts have to get rid of the self-inflicted wounds and clean up the turnovers and penalties. Once these issues are taken care of, there’s not many teams that can beat the Colts.

They must first stop beating themselves. I think the Colts get their first win on Sunday and put a run together.