Colts vs Jets: Behind Enemy Lines


The Indianapolis Colts host the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. The Jets come to Indy an impressive performance against Cleveland, while the Colts would like to forget what happened in upstate New York last week.

We spoke with Luis Tirado Jr. editor of The Jet Pressto get some inside information on this week’s opponent.

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The Jets put on an impressive performance against the Browns in Week 1. But did that game say more about the Jets or the Browns?

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This game said more about the Jets really, they needed to win their season opener at home. The Jets’ defense showed up in the second half but the Browns let that game get away from them since Manziel made some costly errors and turnovers. The turnovers killed the Browns as the Jets capitalized. The real test is ironically against your Colts, they’re going to present a much more formidable matchup as they are superior to the Browns.

The Jets have a great looking defense, but question marks on offense and live in a tough division. What are the expectations for this season?

I’ve gone on record saying the Jets, if they can put it all together, should easily go 10-6 this season. The AFC East will be one of the toughest divisions this season but I think it’ll come down to the Jets/Dolphins for who takes it this year.

What can Ryan Fitzpatrick realistically give the Jets on Monday night? He’s 1-7 versus the Colts all time and it looks like he’ll be in the role of game manager going forward. Can he give the team enough to pull out a win or are all the hopes with the run game?

Fitzpatrick plays conservative yet smart football, with a potent running game led by Chris Ivory, he’ll be consistent this week as well. I don’t think he’ll be the deciding factor, if anything, it’ll come down to the running game and how well the Jets’ defense stops Andrew Luck.

Besides Darrelle Revis, who is a player the Colts should be on the lookout for on the defensive side of the ball?

Muhammad Wilkerson for sure. He’s one of the top players on the Jets’ defensive line and will bring it to Luck and Gore.

What has to happen for the Jets to win on Monday? Is there one player who really needs to have a big performance for the Jets to leave with a victory?

The Jets need to establish the run and eat up game clock. If they can get the running game going and just stick to their simplified spread offense, they should be able to keep up with the Colts. In my opinion, it all comes down to Ivory as he’s due for a breakout game and during Monday Night Football if he can put on a clinic, the Jets might actually have a shot at leaving this game victorious.

6. What is your prediction for Monday’s game? Who wins and why?

I see the Jets winning in dramatic fashion, by a Nick Folk field goal in the final seconds of the game to win 24-21! This will be a tough matchup for both teams and will come down to time of possession and who has the better running game as both defenses will be stout. Should be another classic on Monday Night Football!

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