Pep Hamilton on Colts Offense: ‘Pick your Poison Defensively’


According to offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, it’s “pick your poison defensively” for opposing teams in what figures to be an Indianapolis Colts offense that’s simply loaded with playmakers.

Of course, the underlying issue of whether there’s enough footballs to go around shouldn’t be a problem for Hamilton’s offense.

For it all starts at quarterback, where the latter offered high praise for Andrew Luck‘s improved progression through reads and ability to simply find the open receiver:

"“I think Andrew’s a very disciplined quarterback,” said Hamilton. “He has always done a good job of going through his progressions, making sure he’s careful not to force the ball to just one guy.”“I think it’s important for Andrew (Luck) to master his skill-set, the rhythm and timing that it’s necessary for us to have a successful passing game starts in practice,” added Hamilton. “I mean it’s just the nature of the game that he plays, where you never know who’s going to be in there. It’s important to have continuity and chemistry with all of your receivers, tight ends, and running backs for that matter.”"

In fact, Hamilton alluded to that with a high number of offensive weapons, it should keep opposing defenses on their toes, while simultaneously providing the Colts with tremendous versatility:

"“Well, I feel like we have a situation this year, where you can really pick your poison defensively,” said Hamilton “I mean we have guys across the board that can make plays and win one-on-one matchups versus man coverage.”“Since Day 1, I’ve talked about our offense being versatile and there’s no ‘can’t do’s’,” noted Hamilton. “I really feel like that’s the case with the personnel that we have.”"

Simply put, it’s sounding like the Colts offense could very well become toxic to opposing defenses given their arsenal of offensive weapons and overall versatility.

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