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Bill Simmons Rips Colts Ryan Grigson on Twitter


Former ESPN personality and Grantland Founder Bill Simmons took to Twitter Tuesday evening in order to make some apparent social media shots at Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson in the aftermath of DeflateGate:

Coming from someone who largely enjoys Simmons’ writing, yet not his awkward attempt as a studio analyst (*Just Ask Sage Steele), this seems like sour grapes more than anything. It was “more than probable” per the Wells report that his boy Brady cheated, and this appears to be his way of finally lashing out via the mainstream media.

My primary question would be, why is this coming out now?

Whether it’s from his fall-out with ESPN or enjoying his exile all too well, Simmons has remained largely silent on DeflateGate, which happened months ago.

With NFL training camps underway, now is the appropriate time to comment on a Sports Illustrated article that was published in April just for the hell of it? 

As a well-known Boston sports and New England Patriots fan, anyone can understand Simmons’ frustrations; however, the timing of his Twitter comments are inappropriate. If he was going to say anything, it should’ve been done sooner instead of beating on a horse on life support.

There are more productive ways of taking out his anger than venting through social media. Heck, maybe he should even try squeezing inanimate objects.

Something that Tom Brady already knows how to do all too well…

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