T.Y. Hilton ‘Faster’ at Colts Camp, ‘Must’ve Been the McAfee Socks’


Indianapolis Colts wideout T.Y. Hilton was one of the stars at the inaugural practice of the team’s training camp, as he connected with quarterback Andrew Luck on an 80-yard touchdown bomb among his other impressive catches.

The play was met with considerable applause by the camp’s crowd, as Hilton managed to burn starting cornerback Greg Toler in coverage deep:

Maybe it’s the lack of real football for months or a now fully healthy hamstring, but some fans are left wondering whether Hilton has gotten even faster this offseason.

Perhaps even faster because of “the Ghost” donning special new Pat McAfee socks? 

Something that McAfee even later suggested after Hilton’s showcased his blazing speed today at Colts camp:

Only to be later confirmed by Hilton himself:

Either way, Hilton is clearly excited to be back out there and with the opportunity to make such special plays in front of the loyal members of #ColtsNation at Colts Camp:

Special socks in-all

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