Pat McAfee to Self: ‘Probably Not A Lot of Punts This Year, Buddy’


The Indianapolis Colts Pat McAfee may be an All-Pro punter, but such punts may be fewer and harder to come by these days.

Something that McAfee took the liberty to acknowledge today at training camp based on a number of high-profile offensive additions to what was already seemingly a prolific Colts offense:

"“Yeah, I think as soon as I saw we signed Andre Johnson and Frank Gore, and then I started looking at Andrew’s (Luck) progression through the years,” said McAfee at Colts training camp Saturday. “Then you start looking at the 0-line doing well. Then you look at all of the other wide receivers we have. Other running backs we have. And then the two monster tight ends we have.”“I kind of looked in the mirror and said, ‘Probably not a lot of punts this year, buddy’,” quipped McAfee."

To his credit though, McAfee isn’t exactly somber about the lack of perceived punts this season. Rather, he realizes that less punts likely results in more touchdowns, which means he’ll be extra active with kickoff and extra point holding responsibilities respectively:

"May 27, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts place kicker Adam Vinatieri (4) talks with punter Pat McAfee (1) during OTA at Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports“But, I kickoff,” added McAfee. “So, kicking off is an incredible thing and holding for extra points, which are now a little bit tougher, is really all Adam Vinatieri and I ever want to do. So if I get zero punts, job well done.”"

In fact, more than anything, McAfee is just excited about this year’s team and what they may be able to accomplish this season:

"“I’m more excited than everybody else, but I’m just excited to watch this team work for the next couple of weeks and see what we can come up with for this year.”"

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