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Greg Manusky Already Excited about his Defense’s Additions


Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Greg Manusky is already excited about his defense’s offseason additions, specifically mentioning veteran defensive end Kendall Langford, pass rusher Trent Cole, and safety Dwight Lowery at the team’s training camp Saturday:

"“I think with (Kendall) Langford, coming in as a big defensive end,” said Manusky. “The system that he was in at St. Louis was a little bit different than what he had in Miami his first couple of years. A big, physical guy.”“Same thing with Trent Cole. A guy that can rush the passer. Set a great edge. And then even on Dwight (Lowery) in the backend as a safety from a coverage standpoint. I mean 3 guys right there, along with our draft choices.”"

However, not to be necessarily outdone, Manusky has also already been impressed by this year’s rookie class, which contains draft selections such as D’Joun Smith, Henry Anderson, and Clayton Geathers among others:

"“With all the draft choices, the one thing I’ve seen from previous years I’ve been here is that they’re very studious,” said Manusky. “They’re football guys. They love the game. I mean they get into their playbook and they really study hard.”“I mean D’Joun (Smith), one of the players really stepped it up, played a little bit of nickelback behind Darius (Butler), and he keeps getting better progress. You know a littler school, but he’s been pretty good. I’m excited to see what he does early in training camp this week.”"

With a combination of talented veterans and rookies alike, Manusky believes this unit can even become a championship caliber defense when it’s all said and done. That is, if they can successfully find a way to come together, play for one another, and consistently do so at a high level:

"“Yeah, I mean across the board,” replied Manusky when asked if this was a championship caliber defense. “There’s no question we have the talent. We have the players. Now, it’s up to us as a coaching staff and them as players to combine as a team and unify and just go out and play consistently.”"

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