With Russell Wilson’s Deal Done, Is Andrew Luck Next?


Earlier today, it was announced that the Seattle Seahawks and their star quarterback Russell Wilson had agreed on an 4-year, $87.6 million dollar contract extension that contains $60 million guaranteed. The freshly inked deal makes Wilson one of the highest paid quarterbacks in NFL history:

Of course, it’s significant news for the Indianapolis Colts because their very own star quarterback Andrew Luck is due for a mega-contract extension relatively soon. Luck is slated to play on the last year of his original rookie contract for $7.03M this season, but it’s worth noting the team has already picked up his $16.2M team option for 2016.

While Wilson did quite well for himself with $60 million guaranteed all things considered, Luck is widely expected to significantly exceed that amount on his next contract:

How many guaranteed dollars is still unclear, as there’s been speculation that Luck could command as much as $90 million guaranteed or even have his entire next contract guaranteed:

Either way, Luck will not only become the highest paid quarterback, but also the highest paid player in NFL history. While Wilson fell short, there have been rumors that Luck could even command as much as $25 million annually on his next contract: However, the contract valuation web site Spotrac is projecting a new deal slightly lower at $23.5 million annually with Luck besting Wilson with $66 million guaranteed:

On his next deal, Luck should earn anywhere between $23-25 annually, but the total amount of guaranteed dollars is the remaining question mark. Right now, it could be anywhere from $65-90 million, which is a pretty broad range.

Either way, Luck is about to be seriously paid at an unprecedented level, as the next great quarterback in line.

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