Andrew Luck: A Top Tier QB in Fantasy Football


Andrew Luck has been flying up the rankings over the course of the offseason. He’s been graded a top tier QB by executives around the NFL. He was also a top 10 player according to his peers.

So it isn’t much of a surprise that Luck is being rated as one of the top quarterbacks to take in your fantasy football draft either. ESPN’s Eric Karabell has Luck in the top tier of quarterbacks. Luck sits just behind Aaron Rodgers on Karabell’s list.

"2. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts: Oh, and it’s nice to have Luck on your side as well. If not for the brutal game against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 16, he would have finished as the top scorer in fantasy. He’s still great. This ends the top tier."

Those top tier players though? He still has them as ones to take in the third round of your fantasy draft. I would tend to disagree, especially if you are picking near the end of the first round.

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In recent years, quarterbacks have started to take over fantasy leagues, especially when you have players routinely tossing 40 touchdowns in a season. They have almost replaced running backs as the position you want to draft in the first round. In fact, quarterbacks dominated the top point earners in ESPN’s fantasy league. QBs had eight of the top 10 spots, which would mean that a QB should be taken higher in your draft.

As for Luck, he had 14 points or more in every game in ESPN’s fantasy league with the lone exception being against Dallas (where he had zero). Luck had 336 total points, just six points behind Rodgers. With all of the weapons at Luck’s disposal he’ll be putting up solid fantasy numbers once again.

As part of his natural development, you can expect Luck to cut down on the turnovers and improve his touchdowns-to-interception ratio. Even Frank Gore‘s addition won’t hurt Luck’s usage as the Colts are now firmly a pass first team. Gore will even help Luck be a more dynamic passer as opponents will be forced to finally respect the play action.

This feels like a MVP type season for Luck, which will translate to huge fantasy numbers in 2015.