The ‘Perfect QB’ Has Andrew Luck’s Competitiveness


According to NFL Media Senior Analyst Gil Brandt of, the “perfect QB” has a special attribute of a certain Indianapolis Colts quarterback. That’s right, when constructing the ultimate quarterback prototype, Brandt chose Andrew Lucks competitiveness:

"… the competitiveness of Andrew Luck.Luck simply cannot be counted out — ever. This guy’s mounted a lot of late-game wins (nine fourth-quarter comebacks and 12 game-winning drives) in his three-year career. Think of the furious rally he sparked in the Colts’ shootout win over the Chiefs in the 2013 playoffs. His all-around quarterbacking abilities — the threat that he can beat you through the air or on the ground — make him tough to contain when he gets on a roll. Classic example: Dan Fouts."

And why not? 

While at Stanford, Luck’s 31 victories were the most ever attained by a Cardinal quarterback. His winning percentage of 81.5% is the best in school history. Such winning ways have translated directly to the NFL, where Luck’s Colts have made the playoffs all 3 seasons since being drafted by the team, having advanced a round further each year.

However, it’s not just purely that Luck’s a winner, which is undoubtedly true. As Brandt astutely points out, it’s about the numerous 4th quarter comebacks and game-winning drives. Luck doesn’t like to lose, and if he has to put the team on his back when it matters the most, he usually does.

Whether it’s game-changing plays…

Big hits…

Getting mad at himself…

…Luck has that competitive edge that puts him right up there with some of professional sports greatest all-time competitors.

And Colts fans couldn’t be happier.

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