Chuck Pagano Cautions Colts Players to Stay Out of Trouble


With six weeks of down time between now and the start of August’s training camp, Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano has already warned his players about staying out of trouble and making the right decisions off-the-field during their break:

"“We can’t afford to lose one person because of a bad decision, so really hit home on that,” said Pagano via ESPN’s Mike Wells."

Having had some off-the-field incidents earlier this offseason with their own players, the Colts know that possessing “too much time on their hands” can ultimately be a bad thing for some NFL players. Teams typically worry about their players in parts of the offseason because they are no longer following a regimented team schedule and can get back into bad habits or make unwise choices:

"“Be a pro,” said Pagano. “We just had the NFL security meeting, and they pointed out all the mistakes that have been made by former players. Not here, but throughout the league. Showed them the statistics and all that stuff. When you’ve got free time, that’s usually the time that things happen, so we hit that hard.”"

Jun 9, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano watches the team go through drills during minicamp at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

However, perhaps most importantly, the break offers players a chance to connect with their family and friends, which is a luxury that is not as easily afforded during the NFL’s regular season. Players get the rare opportunity to spend some quality time with their loved ones, even if they’re still required to workout and study the playbook on the side:

"“They’ve got to connect, and that means connect with family,” said Pagano. “There’s nothing more important. Be where your feet are. Get with your kids. Get with your loved ones Get with your wife, girlfriend, whatever that is and connect.”“Then it’s the physical part,” added Pagano. “You’ve got to stay working out. You’ve got to run; you’ve got to lift; you’ve got to do all those things. You’ve got to continue to work at your skill set and your craft. Then the mental part. Stay in your iPad. Stay in your playbook. Study, study, study.”"

Hopefully, the Colts players make the most of this opportunity by spending time with their family and friends, but avoiding trouble along the way. They have a long road that lies ahead of them, especially for a team with serious championship aspirations.

Rejuvenate, refresh, and get ready for what could be a special journey. 

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