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Sporting News: Andrew Luck is ‘LeBron of NFL’


According to Vinnie Iyer of Sporting News, there’s only one player in the league, who could be dubbed the LeBron James of the NFL. It’s the Indianapolis Colts very own superstar quarterback in Andrew Luck.

That’s right…

Not Aaron Rodgers. Not J.J. Watt.

Dec 14, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) warms up before the game against the Houston Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Luck, who has the chance to be the greatest player in the NFL and become the “next big thing”.

And why not?

At a broad shouldered 6’4″, 240 pounds, Luck is built like a tight end, but blessed with a cannon for an arm and fast wheels with a 4.67 forty time. If anyone’s the complete package in the NFL like LeBron, it’s Luck because he has the smarts, strength, athleticism, and feel for the game that only the great ones truly possess:

"“Luck, 25, has a chance to go down as the best player the NFL has ever seen — what it will take to match LeBron — and he’s off to the right start.Just like LeBron, Luck came into his league as a slam-dunk No. 1 overall draft pick, regarded the greatest can’t-miss talent to come along in years. Just like LeBron, Luck’s maturity and knowledge of the game when he came in was off the charts.Just like LeBron, Luck was dubbed an immediate savior in a Midwestern metropolis.Just like LeBron, most like LeBron, Luck’s superb passing and superior leadership skills lift teams to winning levels they wouldn’t come close to meeting otherwise.”"

Now, the NFL is a bit different from the NBA because Luck only gets to play on one side of the football, although he’s a pretty good tackler in his own right. While LeBron can dominate an entire game on both sides of the ball, Luck has to rely more heavily on his teammates.

Still, even given the differences, if there’s anyone that mostly resembles LeBron in the NFL, it’s clearly Luck:

"“If LeBron is still being compared to Jordan based on what’s coming, it’s only fair that Luck gets compared to LeBron in the same way,” writes Iyer. “In a league full of superstars, no one is in a better position (and has the time on his side) to become a LeBron-like NFL legend than Luck.”"

Here’s hoping that just like LeBron did after a few seasons, Luck soon has the championship hardware to go along with his ever growing legend.

May 12, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) celebrates after a 106-101 win over the Chicago Bulls in game five of the second round of the NBA Playoffs at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

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