Colts: More Options for Creating Pressure in 2015


The Indianapolis Colts will have an abundance of pass rushers this season. Creating pressure shouldn’t be a problem. Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky will have to be creative to get all the great edge rushers on the field. Having so many good edge rushers will allow Robert Mathis as much time as he needs to rehab.

The Colts will feast on quarterbacks with great depth at the 3-4 outside linebacker position and should be able to keep guys fresh with a frequent rotation. This Colts offense is going to put up a ton of points. I expect the Colts to be leading a lot of games and it will force the opposition into passing situations. This will allow the Colts edge rushers to cause problems for opposing quarterbacks as they won’t have to worry about the run.

The Colts depth at the position really is impressive. The elder statesmen of the group, Mathis, is still recovering from a torn achilles. When healthy Mathis is one of the league’s best. A pure game changer that opposing offenses are forced to account for pre snap. There is no set timetable for Mathis’ return, but when he does get back on the field he will add to the great pass rushers on the roster.

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The Colts brought in another talented pass rusher during free agency with the addition of Trent Cole. Cole has spent his career in Philadelphia where he was their premier pass rusher. If and when Mathis returns, then you have two of the league’s better pass rushers on the field at once. Cole will give Manusky another option to create pressure on a consistent basis. Cole also will be an asset in setting the edge to stop the run.

Erik Walden will be in the mix as well. Walden has a reputation for setting the edge to stop the run. Walden also can get to the quarterback as showed with six sacks last season. Walden’s ability to create pressure and stop the run will make it hard to keep him off the field.

Also helping to create pressure is one of my favorites Jonathan Newsome. Newsome led the team in sacks last season with six and a half. Newsome was also second among rookies in sacks. A fifth round pick oozing with potential, Grigson may have found something special. Newsome hasn’t even come close to how good he can be. The Colts may have a monster on their hands. Be prepared to see 91 create pressure on a weekly basis.

Bjoern Werner may be the forgotten man of the group. Werner a first round pick has been a bit inconsistent. He’s shown some flashes of the type of player he can be. Werner had a stretch where he played very well then he fell off. Werner is another one who sets the edge well against the run. No doubt there is talent there but he’s gonna have to show some more consistency. He’ll likely see limited time so he’ll have to take advantage of his time.

All in all the Colts have the personnel to create pressure on opposing quarterbacks all year long. If the Colts offense lives up to the hype then it should create a lot of passing situations for other teams. The Colts have a good problem on their hands.

They have to figure out how to get all these great edge rushers on the field. Assuming Mathis comes back to form and Manusky figures out a way to rotate guys. There should be no problem for the Colts to create pressure. This will be an outstanding season for the Colts. Its make or break and there’s a special feeling buzzing around Colts camp.