Colts Players Not Concentrated on DeflateGate, Just Football


While the Indianapolis Colts may have inadvertently started the nationwide “DeflateGate” controversy involving the New England Patriots, their players do not wish to partake in the ongoing media circus. Rather, when approached with the firestorm topic today, many Colts players noted that their concentration is purely on football right now:

"“It’s over,” safety Mike Adams said, via Mike Wells of “We don’t have to deal with it anymore. The Patriots have to deal with it. I’m more worried that we got our asses beat than deflated footballs.”"

He wasn’t alone, as upon returning for the team’s offseason program from Arizona, Colts tight end Dwayne Allen noted that his team is focused on football and what happened squarely on the field, not the deflation of footballs which had little to no impact on the game’s outcome:

"“We focus on what happened on the field,” tight end Dwayne Allen said via Mike Wells of ESPN. “We care about the simple fact that they were able to go out there and manhandle us. And they have been for the last three years. We have to grow and become tougher.”"

The players sentiment only reiterates what head coach Chuck Pagano noted upon the initial release of the Wells report last week, that his team “has moved on”.

There’s no doubt that the Colts players were likely coached up on downplaying the importance of any DeflateGate question posed by the media, but to their credit, every single one of them has said the right thing regarding the league-wide controversy.

No matter what though, while deflated footballs may no longer be of significant importance to the Colts, the team’s Week 6 Sunday Night Football matchup against the New England Patriots in this year’s upcoming regular season certainly will be. Several Colts players have already publicly taken notice through social media:

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