Colts Draft: Ryan Grigson’s Success Rate

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Oct 5, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts defender Bjoern Werner(92) goes up against a Baltimore Ravens defender in the second half at Lucas Oil Stadium. Colts won, 20-13. Mandatory Credit: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sportss

2013 Draft

24 – Bjoern Werner, OLB, 16 starts (28 games played)

86 – Hugh Thornton, G, 20 starts (24 games played)

121 – Khaled Holmes, C, 2 starts (9 games played)

139 – Montori Hughes, DT, 1 start (16 games played)

192 – John Boyett, S, cut before season

230 – Kerwynn Williams, RB, 1 game played (currently with Cardinals)

254 – Justice Cunningham, TE, 1 game played (currently with Rams)

Its probably safe to say that Werner is a bust at this point in his career. He was thrust into the starting role last season due to Robert Mathis’ season ending injury and was outplayed by a rookie. The Colts took a player who hadn’t played football for very long and made him switch position (from defensive end to rush linebacker).

Had Donald Thomas not gotten injured, Thornton likely wouldn’t have been forced to start so early in his career. Thomas has been mediocre at best and is best suited as a backup player. It also doesn’t help that he can’t seem to stay healthy.

Holmes has also been a disappointment, largely due to his inability to stay healthy (although in fairness anyone would have had an ankle sprain in the preseason opener last season in that circumstance). He started in the playoffs last season and was a huge disappointment.

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It isn’t just injuries with Thornton and Holmes as both have been average to horrible when they’ve played and been healthy.

Hughes has been a decent rotational player who has occasionally put in solid performances. He had 288 snaps last season, mostly backing up Chapman. Considering the run defense of the Colts though, he is very replaceable.

The remaining three players didn’t produce much for the Colts at all, but as sixth and seventh rounders it was unlikely that they would.

This has so far been a very disappointing draft as the offensive linemen are not very good and the first round pick is doing a good job playing himself off the team. Hughes isn’t bad, but the Colts desperately need to upgrade the defensive line and he could be a casualty of that.

When people say that Grigson is bad at his job, this is the draft they point to. Most surprising is his evaluation of talent on offensive line, a position he used to play.