Robert Mathis Plans to Be Ready for Training Camp


Indianapolis Colts pass rusher Robert Mathis joined his former General Manager in Bill Polian, as well as NFL Reporter Alex Marvez on Sirius XM Radio. While there’s been some widespread speculation that Mathis has suffered a setback and may not be ready until November, the veteran pass rusher told both Polian and Marvez that he plans on being ready for training camp:

It’s encouraging news on Mathis, as his presence figures to boost a pass rush that was sorely lacking in his absence last season. Mathis was suspended the first 4 games of last season before suffering a season-ending torn achilles injury. However, he’s just one year removed from a 19.5 sack season with the Colts in 2013 and should help to form a formidable trio of pass rushers along with recently signed veteran Trent Cole and emerging young pass rusher Jonathan Newsome.

However, expectations should be tempered a bit, as Mathis is coming off a fairly significant injury and is 34 years old, as he enters his 12th NFL season. Still, even if Mathis can’t regain all of his prior form, he should at least provide a quality veteran pass rusher for the team, which the team simply didn’t have enough of last season.

Below is a full transcript of Mathis interview on Sirius XM Radio:

"Bill Polian: Tell me about this past year. How tough was it to be out of the game? And how tough was it to go through the suspension, etc., etc.?Robert Mathis: It was very tough because I like to be in the fire with my guys but I was wherever I could fit in, whether it was coaching, teaching, being the big brother, cheerleader, water boy, whatever the case may be.I was willing to do it, but I’m not willing to do it this year. I want to get in and get my hands dirty again.Bill Polian: How is the achilles? There was a report that you had a setback and that seemed to be contradicted in some quarters. Tell us where you are right now with that.Robert Mathis: This is not going as fast as I would like it to, but we are getting well and we should be clicking in camp. That’s my plan so, unless you’ve heard anything else (laughs).Alex Marvez: No, the only thing we’ve heard is what at the owners meetings in Phoenix, you know Mr. Irsay said, “Hey, it may not be until November that we get Robert Mathis back”, and a lot of us, you know our ears perked up, “November? Wait, this wasn’t part of the plan.”That’s why there’s been some thought that maybe something happened that may have set you back or is it just going to take a little more time for your body to heal. So maybe that’s something that was brought up. Your plan is to be back way before November it sounds like.Robert Mathis: Yeah, very much so. I’m a competitor, so if I can get back out there on one achilles, I’ll do it.Bill Polian: (Laughs)…Well, that much I know. As long as you can walk, you’ll be out there. How has this done with your conditioning? Have you been able to condition as well as you normally do which is Superman-like? Or has that set you back some too with the achilles?Robert Mathis: There’s a lot of bike work and just…everything but running, so we’re not ready to run yet but once we’re there, we gotta blow out our lungs and gotta make up for a lot of lost ground."

At least from Mathis’ perspective, it sounds a lot more promising that the possible November return date that had been previously speculated. Hopefully, Mathis’ rehab remains on schedule and that he continues to progress, so that he can get fully healthy and be ready to go for next season.

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