Former Teammate Scott Fujita Defends D’Qwell Jackson


Earlier today, we broke down the alleged details surrounding D’Qwell Jackson‘s arrest earlier this week. Later today on twitter, a former teammate came to Jackson’s defense.

Scott Fujita was teammates with Jackson for three years while they were both in Cleveland. The two defenders played together for the Browns from 2010-2012 and developed a friendship over that time.  He went on to praise Jackson’s character.

Fujita has a good point. Jackson doesn’t have a history of off-field issues and hasn’t been arrested before.

He’s also a fairly mild mannered linebacker. He isn’t known for late or dirty hits either. Jackson has one fine for a late hit back in 2012, ironically against the Colts own Vick Ballard. The hit cost him $7,875.

The details between what the victim said to the police and what he told on local radio are not the same. At the very least, he exaggerates what Jackson did to him when speaking on radio. You can read more about it here. 

The Colts brought Jackson in to be a leader and he’s filled that role fairly well. We’ve been critical of his play this season, but there hasn’t been any indication that he would threaten and injury anyone especially over something like a parking spot.

The Colts have had a rough month with a three arrests and other minor inhouse issues. It even extends to last season if you want to include suspensions to team owner Jim Irsay and Robert Mathis. 

Jackson himself has yet to comment on what happened and neither have the Colts. The team is waiting on more evidence and a better understanding of what happened.