D’Qwell Jackson Threatened to Kill Delivery Man


D’Qwell Jackson was arrested earlier this week for simple assault. We’ve now heard the supposed details of the case, and they don’t look good for Jackson.

Jackson got into an altercation with a pizza delivery man over a private parking spot at Jackson’s condominium in Washington D.C. The victim, Jose Bonilla-Fuentes, did an interview with CBS Sports Radio on the Kent Sterling Show.

Bonilla-Fuentes claimed that Jackson would not let him move from the spot and then grabbed his neck and began to choke him. Jackson also punched and kicked him before taking away Bonilla-Fuentes’ phone when he tried to call the police. At some point, Jackson also threatened to kill him.

Then Jackson tried to bribe Bonilla-Fuentes to make everything go away.

“He come to me and say ‘Please, please I’ll give you whatever money you need, but don’t do nothing, don’t let the police take me,’” Bonilla-Fuentes said.

The police report indicates that Bonilla-Fuentes was punched in the left side and back of his head. He was treated for his injuries at the scene and refused to go to the hospital.

While it’s clear that Jackson is in the wrong, what Bonilla-Fuentes said to the radio show and the police report don’t quite match up. Considering the size and strength of Jackson, an attack that involved choking, kicking, and punching should result in a mandatory trip to the ER.

Generally, the victim of an assault doesn’t go on radio and tell his side of the story in a situation like this either. If his public accounts are different from the ones he made to the police, his bargaining position will be lessened.

The attempted bribery makes it worse for Jackson and he’ll have to pay more in the civil suit. Its still unclear if Bonilla-Fuentes will press charges or just settle out of court to make it go away.

Regardless, it sounds like Jackson needs to get some Ron Artest-levels of anger management. There hasn’t been any reports of issues with Jackson during his career, but this incident is disturbing.

The Colts declined to say anything until they have gotten more details on the matter. That’s the franchise equivalent of your parents saying they are very disappointed in you. They’re furious, but don’t want to say it out loud.