Featuring 7 Colts, 5 Things to Watch for at Pro Bowl

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Normally teammates, the Indianapolis Colts T.Y. Hilton (Team Carter) and Vontae Davis (Team Irvin) may get to face off one-on-one at the Pro Bowl on Sunday.

Number 1: T.Y. Hilton vs. Vontae Davis

The Indianapolis Colts are fortunate to have two Top 10 players on their team at their respective positions in the NFL, as it relates to T.Y. Hilton at wide receiver and Vontae Davis at cornerback. However, things figure to get interesting on Sunday, if the two actually get to face off head-to-head. While this is likely a normal occurence in team practice, Colts’ fans may get to witness a rare treat publicly.

Regarding playing Davis, Hilton noted, “It was fun talking smack with him [Davis] for a little bit,” Hilton told NFL.com on Thursday. “We finally get to play on different teams and just go at it.”

Davis noted that while he expects to challenge Hilton, he isn’t going to go too hard on his teammate for obvious reasons. “I need that guy for the season,” Davis told NFL.com. “But when I do go head-to-head it’s going to be a battle.”

When asked whether he would shut down Hilton when lined up opposite of him in coverage, Davis didn’t hesitate when responding, “Of course.”