Colts Pitted Against Each Other in Pro Bowl


The Pro Bowl Draft finished up last night and the rosters are set for Sunday’s game. Two NFL Hall of Famers serve as captains for each team. This year its Cris Carter and Michael Irvin.

Seven members of the Indianapolis Colts were invited to the all-star game. The draft started with Andrew Luck being taken number one overall by Team Carter.

In typical Luck fashion, he praised the other players at the Pro Bowl after being drafted first overall.

“It’s nice, I guess,” Luck said. “The reality is that everybody is deserving of it. There’s a bunch of No. 1 picks in there but it’s nice I guess.”

The Pro Bowl Draft was started last year in an attempt to add extra interest to the event. Rather than being split up by the traditional AFC and NFC, the draft can pit teammates against each other.

In addition to Luck, T.Y. Hilton and Pat McAfee will be on Team Carter. Vontae Davis, Mike Adams, D’Qwell Jackson, and Adam Vinatieri are on Team Irvin.

In 2014, Luck had to face teammate Robert Mathis. This year, Luck will be passing against three teammates and hoping Hilton can get open with Davis trying to lock him down.

It didn’t take long for Hilton and Davis to start the trash talk.

It didn’t take long for the trash talk to start and mock outrage to begin.

More interesting was the faux pas from Luck following the draft. Luck accidentally stirred up the poorly named Deflate Gate debate with his word choice.

“Its sort of, the energy is just sucked out of you,” Luck said. “You feel deflated, uh…oh shhh…”

Luck clearly didn’t mean his choice of words, but it drew a reaction from the crowd. He also felt that the media might be blowing things out of proportion and said that it didn’t change the fact that his team was worked over.

We can debate what Luck was about to say with that final word (I’m sure it was shoot, not like we’ve ever heard him cuss in a game) but I’d like to think its the sound of air leaving a football.