Colts Xavier Nixon Misses Team Flight; Out for Sunday


In one of the more bonehead stories you’ll hear all week, Indianapolis Colts back-up offensive lineman Xavier Nixon missed the team’s flight today and is officially “out” for tomorrow:

Just wondering if Xavier is aware that his team is playing in the AFC Championship game? You know, if they win, they’ll be headed to the Super Bowl. 

It’s not a significant blow to the Colts, as Nixon was a back-up offensive lineman and wasn’t expected to play a pivotal role anyways unless a slew of injuries hit. In fact, he was inactive for the team’s first 2 postseason games. However, for a fringe player looking to stay on an NFL roster, it’s not a very smart move.

Not a very smart move at all.

On a day where the Colts’ news should’ve been centered around last minute preparations, the team was forced to address news about Trent Richardson not making the trip to New England and Xavier Nixon missing the team flight.

For Nixon, it may not bode well for his future as an Indianapolis Colt. The former undrafted free agent out of Florida appeared in 4 games for the Colts this season, including one disastrous start against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 16 at right tackle. Originally signed in 2013, he also appeared in 4 games for the Colts last season.

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As a player low on the depth chart, it seems like a very foolish life decision to not have his priorities straight. The NFL is your job and missing a team flight in what is the biggest game of the season when the stakes are this high is a major no-no.

If Nixon isn’t going to make the team flight for the AFC Championship game, then he might want to look at other flights…out of town.

Unless there’s some extraordinary circumstance that prevented him from making the flight, then there’s really no real excuse.