Zaire Franklin makes passionate pitch to Colts front office to re-sign Kenny Moore II

With Kenny Moore II set to be a free agent, linebacker Zaire Franklin made it clear that the Indianapolis Colts need to re-sign the veteran defensive back.
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Now that the 2023 NFL season is over for the Indianapolis Colts, everyone is focused on what the team will look like moving forward. This offseason, that thought is more prevalent than ever in Indianapolis, as several of the team’s core veterans are set to be free agents in March. Amongst the names of pending free agents are stars like Michael Pittman Jr. and Kenny Moore II.

While everyone expects the Colts to go all in on re-signing Pittman, Indy’s approach for Moore isn’t as clear. Moore is still playing great football and is a leader on the team. Is that enough for Indy to offer him a contract he deserves or will Indianapolis move on in favor of one of the younger defensive backs on the roster?

That's all unknown right now, but what is clear is that Moore is valued in the locker room and his teammates want him back. Linebacker Zaire Franklin made that clear when speaking with the media on Monday. Franklin explained that Moore means a lot to him and the team, and even went on to say that he doesn’t know how the defense would work without him.

Zaire Franklin: Kenny Moore II means a ton to Colts

Moore just finished up a huge bounce-back season, having arguably the second-best season of his career— only behind Moore’s Pro Bowl season in 2021. Kenny Moore II played in 16 games this season, recording 93 tackles, eight for a loss, 1.5 sacks, six pass deflections, and three interceptions (two returned for a touchdown).

Beyond the numbers, Moore was the veteran in the secondary and one of the consistent bright spots. He also plays a versatile position that demands a lot, so it’s understandable why Zaire Franklin has a hard time seeing the defense work without Kenny Moore II. Hopefully, the team feels the same way and will re-sign Moore this offseason.