Zaire Franklin thinks no one is safe if Colts have chance to draft Marvin Harrison Jr

If the Indianapolis Colts want to draft Marvin Harrison Jr., they’ll have to trade a lot. Zaire Franklin thinks the team will be willing to do just that.
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It’s safe to say that every fanbase in the NFL would love to add wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. to their team. He’s arguably the best overall prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. However, it’s fair to say that no team would be more happy to land Harrison than the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts drafted Marvin Harrison Sr., and the elder Harrison played his entire Hall of a fame career as a receiver for the Colts. Repeating the process with Jr. would be a fairytale story.

Unfortunately for Indy, it seems unlikely to happen. After a nine-win season that exceeded expectations, Indianapolis currently has the 15th-overall pick in the first round. Marvin Harrison Jr. is expected to be drafted in the top three, possibly first overall. It’s doubtful that the Colts would move up that far. But what if Harrison slides just a little?

As great of a prospect that Harrison is, it wouldn’t be unheard of. Drafts are weird. With teams rushing to the front of the draft to select quarterbacks and offensive linemen, there’s a slim possibility that Harrison could fall outside the top three. Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin recently discussed how he expects Indianapolis to react if that happens.

Speaking on his podcast, The Trenches, that he hosts alongside EJ Speed, Franklin essentially said that if Harrison for some reason slides outside of the top five, there isn’t a person or thing in Indianapolis that’s safe from being traded. He joked that “everything in Indiana that is not nailed down” will be sent to whoever has the pick.

Zaire Franklin thinks Colts will be willing to trade up for Marvin Harrison Jr.

While Franklin, Speed, and the fans will definitely be on board with this happening everyone understands that it’s extremely unlikely. Both Speed and Franklin said that they don’t see Harrison making it out the top five. They both felt that the Chicago Bears should select him, adding him to an offense with Justin Fields and DJ Moore.

While that would make sense, there’s a belief that Chicago should trade Fields and draft USC quarterback Caleb Williams with the first pick. That’s the kind of chaos that draft season is all about and that’s why no one knows where anyone will end up. Marvin Harrison Jr. very well could end up with the Colts, even if Indy has to trade away it’s practice facilities to make it happen.