Where do the Colts triplets rank in the league entering the 2023 NFL season?

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers
Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Indianapolis Colts have a promising set of triplets in Anthony Richardson, Jonathan Taylor, and Michael Pittman Jr. How good are they?

Throughout the history of football, offenses are often viewed and led by their triplets. Typically, a set of triplets is the quarterback, running back, and a wide receiver. If a team has a great player at each of those positions, then they’ll usually have a great offense and are generally pretty successful.

Currently, the Indianapolis Colts have a young but promising set of triplets. Rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson is the new face to the party, joining running back Jonathan Taylor and wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. How do Richardson, Taylor, and Pittman compare to the rest of the league’s triplets?

Several analysts at CBS Sports recently answered that, ranking all 32 triplets in the NFL. With several people voting, teams were ranked by their average vote, but the highest and lowest rank that each team received was also listed.

The Colts were ultimately ranked at No. 24. The highest vote Indy received was No. 16 and the lowest was No. 30— a wide range. Last offseason, Indianapolis was ranked at No. 15.

Colts triplets ranked 24th-best in NFL

Jared Dubin explained this ranking is largely impacted by the unproven Anthony Richardson. Dubin says, “Richardson seems likely to be a fantasy football star in short order given his outrageous athleticism and rushing ability, but he may take a while longer to come along as a passer.”

That seems like a pretty fair assessment; it often takes young quarterbacks time to adjust to the NFL. For that reason, it makes sense that Indy has one of the lower-ranked set of triplets. However, Indianapolis has the potential to rise up this list in the next few years.

Jonathan Taylor is already established as one the best running backs in the NFL, and Michael Pittman Jr. is a solid receiver that should get even better with stable quarterback play. If Anthony Richardson can develop and grow into the player that many think he can, the Colts will have one of the best set of triplets in the NFL.