What would the Colts look like if Patrick Mahomes was their quarterback?

Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Grover Stewart (90) applies pressure to Kansas City Chiefs
Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Grover Stewart (90) applies pressure to Kansas City Chiefs / Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY

Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. What would the Indianapolis Colts look like if he was their quarterback?

Oftentimes, it seems like a quarterback could make all the difference, at least that’s how people talk about them. However, the players that are considered the best QBs are usually apart of the best teams. A fun experiment will be to see how how much an elite quarterback can elevate any team in the league.

That's impossible to do in actuality, but that didn’t stop Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report from imagining it. In a recent article, Gagnon wondered what each team would like with Patrick Mahomes as their quarterback. Gagnon called Patrick Mahomes “the league’s most dominant and impactful player,” so this exercise was to figure out how he could help the 31 other teams.

Gagnon separated the teams into five categories: prime contenders no matter what, fringe contenders to prime contenders, non-contenders to fringe contenders, it’s complicated, and no shot with or without Pat.

The Indianapolis Colts, who are coming off an abysmal 4-12-1 year, were listed in the no shot with or without Pat category, pretty much saying that Indy is doomed either way.

Bleacher Report says Colts would be bad even with Patrick Mahomes

When talking about the Colts, Gagnon simply said, “The Colts had a league-worst minus-138 scoring margin last year. Nobody is fixing that in one offseason, especially in the stacked AFC.” An extremely fair point by Gagnon.

Last season, quarterback was not the biggest issue for Indianapolis. While Matt Ryan didn’t play his best football, the offensive line was the top problem for the Colts. If Patrick Mahomes is put behind the offensive line from last season, Indy still wouldn’t have much success. That’s why it’s important that the line actually improves this year.

Mahomes won’t be under center though, rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson will. If the offensive line can play solid and help Indy to have a productive run game, the Colts should be able to have a far more promising season than last year.