Week 13 results helped Colts gain ground in a crowded AFC playoff picture

The Indianapolis Colts are currently holding a playoff spot, and Week 13 results benefitted Indy’s push for the postseason even more.
Nov 12, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Indianapolis Colts coach Shane Steichen reacts against the New
Nov 12, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Indianapolis Colts coach Shane Steichen reacts against the New / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts entered Week 13 as the No. 7 seed in the AFC. If the season ended, the Colts would be the final playoff team in the conference. Fortunately for Indianapolis, the team defeated the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, so Indy didn’t drop out of the playoff picture. However, some other results did help the Colts gain ground in a sense.

The two teams in front of Indianapolis entering the week were the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns; both had 7-4 records before Sunday’s games. However, the two AFC North teams both lost on Sunday, dropping each of their records to 7-5— the same as Indy’s current record. However, both teams are still currently in front of Indy because of different tiebreaker procedures; Cleveland has a head-to-head win over Indy.

The important thing, though, is that the Colts closed the gap. Now, with five weeks remaining in the regular season, Indy has a chance to jump the Steelers and the Browns, and move up to the No. 5 seed.

Colts are close to improving their playoff position

Of these three teams, everyone probably expects Indianapolis to finish the year the strongest. As long as Indy wins more games down the stretch of the season, it will pass Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Not only is that likely, but the Colts will play the Steelers in Week 15. That’ll give Indy the opportunity to give Pittsburgh a loss and pick up a head-to head advantage.

The Houston Texans are the other team with a 7-5 record and they are currently right outside the playoff picture at No. 8. Indy plays the Texans in Week 18 and the game could be deciding the final playoff spot. There are also two teams with 6-6 records, so the AFC playoff race is far from over. However, the Colts are in a pretty good spot; they just have to add a few more wins.