Watch Taysom Hill embarrass Colts defender Tony Brown

The Indianapolis Colts are in a competitive game with the New Orleans Saints, and they’re struggling to contain offensive weapon Taysom Hill.
New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts
New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Indianapolis Colts have been a pretty solid defense against the run, but in Week 8, the team has been struggling against the New Orleans Saints. Indy has mainly struggled to stop New Orleans’ versatile weapon Taysom Hill. In the first half, the Saints ran the ball 12 times for 66 yards. Hill is responsible for 41 of those yards on just three carries.

When Hill lines up at quarterback at takes the direct snap, it’s as if Indy’s defense forgets how to fit a run. Taysom Hill averaged 13.7 yards a carry in the first half, and that included a 20-yard touchdown run that left Colts defenders on the ground, with some surely embarrassed.

Colts struggling to contain Taysom Hill

As shown in the video, Indianapolis Colts cornerback Tony Brown had a direct line to Hill, but a poor angle from Brown led to him having to make a very awkward lunge, that Hill easily side stepped, leaving Brown on the ground as Taysom Hill ran into the end zone.

Tony Brown got the start for the injured JuJu Brents, and it has been a rough game for him so far. In addition to whiffing on a tackle, he missed another tackle and gave up multiple catches, including a 58-yard touchdown. The good news is, the Colts are only down 21-20 at half time, so they can definitely get a win.

If that’s going to happen, Browm has to be better at corner, and the defense as a whole has to be able to stop Taysom Hill. The Colts have taken the ball away, and the offense is protecting the ball and putting up points. If those trends can continue for Indy in the second half, the Colts have a good chance of picking up their fourth win of the season.