3 veteran quarterbacks Colts could sign as insurance options for a rookie QB

Nov 20, 2022; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston (2) warms
Nov 20, 2022; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston (2) warms / Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Colts could sign Cam Newton

This option may seem random, considering the fact that Cam Newton hasn’t played football in a year, but Newton insists that he isn’t retired. If he’s looking for a team to sign with this offseason to get back in the game, Indianapolis could be a great option. Newton also makes a lot of sense as a veteran insurance option for Indy.

There’s a misconception, fueled by Newton’s big personality and success in this league, that Newton isn’t willing to be a backup quarterback, however, Newton has expressed multiple times that’s not the case. Newton even stood on the sidelines as a backup during his second stint with the Carolina Panthers, so it’s possible the Colts could sign him as an insurance option for a rookie quarterback.

Newton has seen everything in this league, experiencing the highs and the lows that the NFL has to offer. Additionally, all of his former coaches and teammates have raved about how great of a teammate and leader that he is. He was already in a quarterback room with a highly-drafted rookie, so that’s a situation that he knows how to navigate.

Beyond Newton’s experience and leadership, his play style makes him a great option considering the quarterback that Indy might end up with. Sitting at the No. 4 pick, with two quarterback-needy teams in front of them, the Colts will probably end up with Anthony Richardson or Will Levis. What better quarterback to mentor a young mobile QB than Cam Newton?

Whether it be Newton, Jacoby Brissett, or Jameis Winston, Indianapolis will likely be trying to add a veteran quarterback to help steady the young-quarterback journey that’s often a rocky road.

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