Twitter reminds fans why Colts shouldn’t be worried if DeAndre Hopkins joins Titans

• DeAndre Hopkins reportedly has offers from the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots?

• Should the Indianapolis Colts worry about him returning to the AFC South?

Arizona Cardinals v Tennessee Titans
Arizona Cardinals v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Veteran wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is currently a free agent. Hopkins has been one of the best receivers of the last decade, and even though he’s 31 years old and entering his 11th season in the league, the five-time Pro Bowler is still playing elite football. That’s why he’s being coveted by teams like the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots.

There haven’t been too many details about the teams interested in him, but it has been clear that the Titans and New England have been among the top suitors. With Hopkins possibly teaming up with Derrick Henry in Tennessee, some have asked if the Indianapolis Colts and the rest of the AFC South should fear Hopkins returning to the division.

While Hopkins is still an elite player, and can probably find success in a lot of situations, fans took to Twitter to make it clear that Hopkins is unlikely to find late-career success with the Titans. A look back at some recent history shows that Tennessee has become somewhat of a wide receiver career graveyard.

The Tennessee Titans have been a wide receiver career graveyard

Dave Kluge pointed out that Julio Jones, Andre Johnson, and Randy Moss all had stints with the Tennessee Titans that didn’t work out. Three great receivers that couldn’t really figure things out with Tennessee. Kluge’s tweet served as a warning to Hopkins that he doesn’t want to be next in line of this undesirable tradition.

Jones, after 10 years with the Atlanta Falcons, went to the Titans in 2021. Injuries limited him to just 10 games, where he caught 31 passes for 434 yards and one touchdown. After 12 years with the Houston Texans and one season with the Indianapolis Colts, Johnson made his third AFC South stop with the Tennessee Titans. He only played in eight games, catching nine passes for 85 yards and two touchdowns.

Moss’ stint in Tennessee was so forgettable that it could be an NFL trivia question. The Titans were one of the three teams Moss played with in 2010, and he only played eight games there. He caught six passes for 80 yards as a Titan.

Will Hopkins join the Titans and continue this tradition or will he go to Tennessee and break the trend. The most likely outcome is that DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t even go to the Titans.