Three trades the Colts can make in the 2024 offseason to improve the roster

The Indianapolis Colts are heading into an offseason where they should have made the playoffs. They are just a few big moves away from being a contender.
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Colts could trade for Andrew Thomas


The New York Giants are seemingly in a rebuilding phase and locked in with an atrocious quarterback who they want to get rid of. The Giants in theory could start selling off their assets and this could be just what the Colts need, as New York has some talented players, despite the team’s underwhelming season.

Andrew Thomas, outside of his bad rookie year, has been a lock for one of the best left tackles in the league. Last season, he only committed two penalties and allowed four sacks. The Giants could also sell low on him being that they are just looking to rebuild their team.

Currently, the only left tackles the Colts have on the roster are Bernhard Raimann and Lewis Kidd. Raimann struggled throughout the season and Kidd didn’t play. With center Ryan Kelly in a contract year as well, the Colts need to make a serious move at the offensive line position to protect Richardson.