Tony Brown has a unique response to Colts fans after his bad game

Indianapolis Colts DB Tony Brown had a rough game in Week 8 against the New Orleans Saints and fans made sure he knew. After the game, Brown responded to fans.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Week 8 was rough for the Indianapolis Colts, especially defensive back Tony Brown. Indy lost to the New Orleans Saints 38-27 and Brown had a really bad game. Multiple injuries, and other players underperforming, led to Brown starting the game at cornerback. Before the game was even over, fans were calling for Brown to be replaced.

The veteran defensive back missed multiple tackles and got beat multiple times. He got beat on one deep throw for a touchdown and on another that essentially ended the game. In total, as the nearest defender, Brown gave up seven receptions on seven targets for 187 yards and a touchdown.

Head coach Shane Steichen stuck by Brown, though, explaining that the team felt good about Brown at corner after his week of practice and throughout the game. Fans, on the other hand, didn’t have the patience. They were attacking Brown all throughout the game, so naturally, it carried over to his social media comments.

Instead of just letting things simmer down, Brown responded. When most players would get defensive and go back at fans, Brown took a unique approach, leading with kindness and promising to be better. He responded to multiple comments on Instagram, thanking fans for tuning in and asking them to stay tuned, as he works to improve.

Tony Brown tells Colts fans he will be better

This exchange led to some fans appreciating Brown as a person, even if they were still frustrated with his performance. It makes sense that his personality wins fans over in the end because Brown has been a fan favorite of multiple teams since his time back at Alabama. Even in Indy, Brown has developed a great reputation with the fans and the team.

Typically, he’s making everyone laugh and making big plays on special teams. However, on Sunday, he was put in a tough spot, starting at a position he hasn’t played in a while. With the bulk of his reps coming on special teams and as a reserve slot corner, the Colts tried putting Brown on the outside and it didn’t work out.

Like Brown said, he’s a competitor, so he’ll definitely try to get better. It’s unclear if the Colts will go with Brown starting at corner again. If rookie corner JuJu Brents is unable to go, Indianapolis will have to make a tough decision. The options at corner will be between Brown, Darrell Baker Jr., who has also struggled, or sliding Kenny Moore II to the outside and putting someone like Brown or Nick Cross at nickel.