Shane Steichen’s unconventional end-of-season process is great for the Colts’ culture

After the 2023 season ended for the Indianapolis Colts, head coach Shane Steichen went the extra mile for his players, continuing to build Indy’s culture.
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Amidst the brutal end-of-season festivities that is locker cleanouts and potential goodbyes, Indianapolis Colts head coach Shane Steichen went the extra distance when it came to his players.

Traditionally, once a team's season ends, especially after the conclusion of the regular season like the Colts, there is typically a somber vibe with uncertainty serving as a collective umbrella as far as morale goes. Since this was merely Shane Steichen's first year leading the charge, there's much more to come in this new age of Colts football and that begins with the culture he has set.

That aforementioned culture has already shown its wings this season as Colts fans far and wide believe that accountability from the top down has finally been restored, something the fanbase had been clamoring for during the Reich years.

As revealed by the team reporter Larra Overton, Shane Steichen took an additional eight hours to meet with each Colts player individually. Contrary to what I'm assuming was many's first thought, this is by no means commonplace in the NFL. As I alluded to, the season-ending team meeting typically consists of more uncertainty than it does optimism. Nonetheless, Steichen decided to go the extra mile in an attempt to better not only his team, but himself.

Shane Steichen met with every Colts player after season

Steichen did not just meet with those who suited up on Sundays for the Colts, but rather, decided to talk to every single rostered Colt (53-man, practice squad, & IR). When asked why those eight hours of 1-on-1s were a priority he said:

"To get their perspective on the season & how they're going to attack the offseason. It was great for me to get their insight."

Colts HC Shane Steichen

This says a lot about Steichen as a leader. He wants the best out of his guys no matter where they reside on the depth chart. Said insight is invaluable to him.

From his no nonense approach to his practices of self-reflection, Shane Steichen has already proven in a short time that he's the missing piece this organization has been searching for.