Shane Steichen shares the crucial advice he gave Anthony Richardson

Please listen to this advice!
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Indianapolis Colts are entering Year 2 of the Shane Steichen/Anthony Richardson experiment. Year 1 was... interesting, to say the least. The Colts finished the 2023 season with a winning record but missed out on the playoffs.

Year 1 was also more of the Steichen experiment than Richardson experiment since the fourth overall pick only played four games before getting sidelined with a shoulder injury for the rest of the year. Steichen, however, proved that he can be a great head coach but now he needs his quarterback to live up to his draft billing in Year 2.

When speaking to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated this week, Steichen shared what he'd like to see from Richardson as the Florida quarterback enters his sophomore season in the pros.

"“I mean, it’s just being smart on when to get down,” Steichen said. “It’s a happy medium. There’s a time and a place where it’s fourth down and you gotta have it and the game’s on the line, where you gotta go get it. But if it’s first-and-10 and you scramble and you can make it second-and-4 and take a big hit or make it second-and-6 and get down, Hey, let’s make it second-and-6.”"

From Breer's article

Steichen: "It's just being smart on when to get down."

The Colts have one of the best offensive lines in the league, which should help alleviate pressure off of Richardson as he enters a crucial second season. If Richardson can be smarter when it comes to avoiding sacks and hits, the Colts will benefit from it and it can extend the young quarterback's career.

Yes, it's fun watching a quarterback put defenders on skates but the Colts are banking on Richardson being their franchise quarterback. Part of being a franchise signal-caller comes with better decision-making so now it's time for Colts fans to see that from the former fourth overall pick.

The Colts didn't keep Gardner Minshew as a backup, as he's off to Sin City to play for the Raiders but they did sign 2023 Comeback Player of the Year Joe Flacco. They also have Sam Ehlinger and Kedon Slovis waiting in the wings on the depth chart but hopefully it doesn't come to either of them having to play.

If Richardson can stay healthy in 2024, the sky is the limit for the Indianapolis Colts. Let's hope he can make smart decisions and get this team its first division title in a decade.