Shane Steichen and Chris Ballard detail how Colts feel about quarterback size

Mar 1, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard during the NFL
Mar 1, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard during the NFL / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With Bryce Young’s size being a major taking point of the Combine, the Indianapolis Colts explained how they feel about size at the quarterback position.

Bryce Young is the top quarterback in this year’s draft class and the Indianapolis Colts are hoping to land the best quarterback in this draft. However, many have questioned if Young will be a fit for the Colts since he’s considered to be undersized. Young hasn’t officially been measured at the Combine yet, but he’s expected to be under six feet and also under 200 pounds. If that’s the case, could that scare Indianapolis off from drafting him?

Indy’s general manger Chris Ballard and head coach Shane Steichen both answered that question on Wednesday in separate press conferences at the Combine. Both guys essentially said that no, size really isn’t a factor in determining what quarterback the Colts are going to draft. Steichen explained that the league has already seen too many succeful undersized quarterbacks for size to be a dealbreaker. Ballard echoed those statements, saying that quality quarterbacks come in all shapes and sizes, especially in today’s game with the way the quarterback position has evolved.

Quarterback size isn’t a factor for Colts in draft

This means that Bryce Young is a real candidate to be the quarterback selected by Indianapolis in this year’s draft, regardless of what his measurements are revealed to be. The Colts have several other factors that they are looking for in a quarterback, and those will be what determines who they draft and with what pick they make the selection with. So what are those traits that Indy wants in a quarterback?

What are Colts looking for in a quarterback?

As Shane Steichen explained in the video above, he wants a quarterback that’s accurate and tough and will be able to make the right plays in big moments. He also harped on guys having the it factor and being obsessed with getting better. Steichen explained that Jalen Hurts is successful because he’s a guy that spends all day in the building doing everything he can to get better.

Chris Ballard also expressed that he’s looking for an accurate quarterback that can show up when the game is on the line. Ballard also spent time talking about the importance of the mental aspect of quarterbacks. He said the Colts are looking for a quarterback with a fast mind on the field but also someone with the mindset that can handle everything that comes with being a quarterback off the field. Ballard explained that being a high draft pick and starting quarterback automatically makes a player the face of the franchise.

The Colts want to make sure they have a guy that can handle that. Will he be able to lead the team when things are going bad and will he be able to stay grounded with the team when everything is going good? All of this will factor into Indy’s decision on which quarterback the team drafts. What won’t be a deciding-factor is the quarterback’s size.

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