Is this recent purchase by Michael Pittman Jr. a sign that he’s staying with Colts?

Michael Pittman Jr. is set to be a free agent this offseason but a recent purchase makes it seem like he’ll be in Indianapolis with the Colts long term.
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The Indianapolis Colts have several key players set to enter free agency in March but none bigger than Michael Pittman Jr. Pittman is coming off the best season of his career, and after four years in Indianapolis, he admitted that he’s interested in exploring the market— a statement that could be a bit concerning for the Indianapolis Colts.

That's what Pittman’s words are saying but his actions are telling a bit of a different story. While he hasn’t signed an extension with the Colts, he has done something else that makes it seem like he’ll be in Indianapolis long term. Pittman and his family recently bought a farm in Indiana. That doesn’t seem like the purchase of a person that could be leaving the state soon.

Michael Pittman Jr. buys farm in Indiana hinting at re-signing with Colts

Pittman and his wife Kianna both document their life on their YouTube and various social media platforms. There most recent YouTube video was released on December 17 and it was titled “We Bought a Farm.” Pittman went around the farm showing horses, cows, chickens, and alpacas. He also gave a look at his morning routine in a recent TikTok video.

A person who owns a farm with that much livestock probably isn’t looking to move. However, Pittman is rich, and he’s about to get much richer. In other words, he has the means and resources to relocate a farm if need be. Hopefully that won’t be needed and this is actually a sign of Pittman planting roots in Indiana.

He has been Indy’s No. 1 receiver for the last three seasons and has been a big part of the offense. He’s a consistent and reliable wide receiver and his presence is needed for a young quarterback like Anthony Richardson. While it seems like his mind is already set on being in Indianapolis long term, the franchise needs to make sure that doesn’t change this offseason.