Recent prediction for Colts season is absolutely stunning in the best possible way

It'll definitely happen, too.
Indianapolis Colts Mandatory Minicamp
Indianapolis Colts Mandatory Minicamp / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Colts hype train is here. If you clicked on this blog looking for some sort of nuance or restraint, you've come to the wrong place. We're on the ride now.

Case in point: Albert Breer recently did a mailbag-y thing full of arbitrary topics. The general gist of it is Super Bowl Dark Horses, which is always fun to speculate about during the quiet part of the NFL calendar. And really it's not that fun, but what else are we going to do with this time? Go outside?

The good news is that Albert Breer is also on the Colts hype train. So much so, in fact, that the hero of the image is Anthony Richardson. The parade is basically planning itself at this point. Here's why Breer thinks the Colts have a real shot at surprising people this year.

2024 Colts season prediction is absolutely stunning in best possible way

So with all that established, I think I’d go with the Colts. They went 9–8 last year, in Year 1 under Shane Steichen, and with Gardner Minshew II at quarterback. The staff returns largely intact, and Anthony Richardson is back from injury. And we’ve seen quarterbacks in this sort of spot explode in their second year.

Outside of Minshew catching a stray there, it's hard to complain about that prediction. And honestly, I'm not sure too many people are complaining about Minshew catching a stray. On one hand, it's great that the Colts went from relatively unknown to Super Bowl contenders in literally one year, most of which didn't feature Anthony Richardson. On the other, it's sorta terrifying? Richardson's literally played four games in the NFL. Four. They were four extremely optimistic games, but still. Four games. It's hard to think of too many other QBs in recent history that have had Super Bowl expectations after 16 quarters of football.

If nothing else, it's fun to be talking about the Colts and the Super Bowl in the same blog. It's not like the AFC South has three teams in the division that you could easily see walking away with it. Fortunately it's not a division full of young, promising quarterbacks. That'd be stressful.