Ranking Colts last 10 first-round draft picks

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4. Anthony Castonzo (Drafted 22nd overall in 2011 NFL Draft)

Colts fans didn't know that Peyton Manning wouldn't play another snap for the Colts when the team took Anthony Castonzo in the first-round of the 2011 draft but he was selected to help the offensive line protect their franchise signal-caller. While Castonzo never got to block for Manning, he did get to do so for Andrew Luck and went on to spend the entirety of his career with the Colts.

Castonzo never made a Pro Bowl or was named All-Pro but Pro Football Focus gave him at least a 74 grade except for twice in his 10-year career. Playing 10 years in the NFL is no easy feat and it's even more difficult to do so with the same team and as an offensive lineman due to how grueling that position is. He was an excellent draft choice for Indy.

3. Andrew Luck (Drafted 1st overall in 2012 NFL Draft)

Andrew Luck is such a unique case in the NFL. He was considered to be a can't miss prospect when entering the draft in 2012 and the Colts went with him first overall that year and moved on from Peyton Manning so that they could take Luck with that pick.

Luck spent seven years in Indianapolis (though only played six seasons due to an injured shoulder holding him out of the 2017 season) and helped lead the Colts to 11-5 records the first three years. The offensive lines protecting Luck were never good enough to keep him upright and that led to him missing all of the 2017 season and then opting to retire from the league before the 2019 season started.

Luck never led the Colts to a Super Bowl but the Colts were a contender every year with him at the helm. During his last season, he helped get the Colts to the playoffs and the team looked like they were about to become a much scarier team moving forward. The retirement news was shocking and while it feels like there was so much more Luck could have done for this team, it's hard to rank him any lower than the three spot.