3 quarterbacks the Colts should target since Anthony Richardson is out for the season

The Indianapolis Colts will be without rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson for the rest of the season. Here are three QBs Indy should explore adding.
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2. Joe Flacco

This is the safest and easiest option for the Colts to go out and sign. The former Super Bowl winner with the Baltimore Ravens has been a bit of a journeyman after that part of his career, so he knows how to pick up a new playbook and run with it.

Joe Flacco is 38 at this point, so his age could be a concern, but he would be more of a mentor for some of these relatively younger quarterbacks like Minshew. With a route like this, they are not planning on Flacco to play much at all, they will continue to be all in on Minshew here. 

Flacco does not fit the offense as well as some other guys in this quarterback room, Ehlinger can also be a physical runner and Flacco is a bit too old to be taking hits in short yardage situations, but the playbook can be adjusted and if Flacco is out there, Jonathan Taylor would get a ton of carries.

Based on Minshew’s performance, all the Colts need is someone behind him who can manage a game, and not make rash decisions if they are needed to make an appearance. Flacco is exactly that, a solid game manager, and a reliable journeyman quarterback. 

The Colts can stray away from that grain though and add something different to this team at the quarterback position with this next player.